Law Services
In New Orleans, LA

The Law Office of Gayle Reynolds has been specializing in personalized service since 1974. We provide a strong offense, keep you informed about your case and treat every case on an individualized basis.

Wrongful Death

The Law Office of Gayle Reynolds provides caring and effective representation when you have lost a family member due to another person or company’s fault. You can reserve compensation for funeral expenses, medical bills, pain and suffering as a result of losing this person, and lost wages. If you need justice for a wrongful death case, call our office now for a consultation.

Auto Accidents

Vigorous representation is offered to clients involved in motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycles, big rigs, pedestrian and bicycle collisions. Gayle works with hit and run victims as well.

Truck & 18 Wheeler Accidents

If you have been injured in a commercial vehicle accident, such as those involving a tractor and trailer or large truck, our law firm will skillfully represent you. We also work with clients involved in a bus, airplane and boat accidents.

Jones Act

The Jones Act provides for the promotion and maintenance of men and women who work on waterways. It regulates maritime commerce in U.S. waters, deals with coastal shipping, and monitors sea trade. When a company violates the laws and policies of this act, we are the law firm to call in New Orleans to resolve your case.

Maritime Accidents

Maritime accidents have lasting consequences. There are many types of maritime accidents such as offshore rig mishaps, cruise vessel accidents, commercial fishing accidents, and incidents on tug boats, oil tankers, cargo ships, and shipyards. Drug and alcohol influenced accidents can occur, along with ship grounding, crane problems, diving vessel accidents, barges incidents, and cargo hauling mistakes. We will skillfully represent you to help your recover and obtain the justice you need to close your case.

Medical Malpractice

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries due to errors in surgery, mistakes or laboratory mistakes, birth injuries, failure of proper treatment, failure to diagnose, medication interactions that cause harm, or failure to remove foreign objects during surgery, we will use our skills and knowledge to obtain the full measure of compensation you deserve.

Nursing Home Neglect

Unfortunately, residents of nursing homes are not always treated with the care and respect they deserve. This mistreatment can include providing a poor diet, restriction of space or schedules, failing to provide care for injuries, neglecting to offer therapy, verbal abuse, physical abuse, wrong doses of medication, failure to administer medications, or anything else that endangers the resident. If you or a family member has been a victim of nursing home neglect in Louisiana, call The Law Office of Gayle Reynolds for legal assistance you can trust.

Trip and Fall

The Law Office of Gayle Reynolds will provide legal help for those injured on someone else’s property. The property owner is liable by law for any unsafe conditions. If they neglected to correct or warn visitors of a dangerous condition, you could be compensated for their carelessness. Examples of conditions that would cause injury include uneven or slippery flooring, trenches, holes in thei yard, broken sidewalks, falling objects or dangerous stairways.

Personal Injury

For catastrophic personal injuries, the compensation is based on the severity and circumstances of each situation. Gayle will serve as your personal injury lawyer and vigorously fight for the largest settlement possible. Examples of catastrophic injuries include paraplegia, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, amputations, and severe burns.